Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Great New Artist

I recently was given the opportunity to be introduced to a wonderful artist named Missy Higgins. Although well known and very popular in her native Australia, she is just beginning to share her talents with America and I, for one, am so thankful that she is sharing with us. As a music fan, it is hard to find new artists to respect. There are artists that I enjoy, but to find an artist that I respect is a real find. Missy is one of those artists. She has talent and plenty of it: songwriting talent, guitar playing talent, and vocal talent. She also has something that seems to be lacking in many newer artist: personal responsibility and an awareness of that the world is much larger than her.

In times of pop stars who become famous for being infamous while lip syncing to canned drone like synthetic music tracks, Missy Higgins is truly a beacon of light and hope for a new musical era. Although insanely popular in her native Australia, she is just beginning to grace America with her incredibly melodic voice and extraordinary song writing abilities. "On a Clear Night" is a sophomoric album that exceeds any sophomoric results. Her tracks are guitar based with strong, upbeat melodies. Her voice is that of a Siren, pure, sexy, soulful, pulling you in and leaving you mesmerized. Her songs reflect a young woman that is confident and comfortable in her own skin. "Where I Stand" is an addictive song that reflects the conflict of growing and moving on and wanting to stay in that old, comfortable place. "Steer" is a beautiful homage to being true to you. It draws you in from the first line and you are hooked. "On a Clear Night" is not an album that you simply buy for those two or three great songs. This is a CD that you will put on and listen in its entirety over and over again.

Not only does she display great talent, but she displays great responsibility to our planet. She is currently engaging on a “green” tour. She is touring in a Prius (no Diva here) and stopping at forward thinking “green” schools, companies, and think tanks. She is taping her environmental odyssey and sharing the videos with all. Through this, she is raising awareness of steps that we all can take to make the world a little greener. I don’t think you will see many other of her contemporaries do this., which is why I am thankful to have been introduced to her music.