Monday, October 27, 2008

Linda Eder's "Other Side of Me" shows other side of talent

Linda Eder’s new project, “The Other Side of Me” is indeed another side of Linda Eder. Those familiar with Linda’s previous work might be expecting the diva to come alive and belt ballads with never ending crescendos. They will be surprised. This is not the work of a singer trying to be a diva. This is certainly not the work of a singer trying to be a pop star. This is the work of a artist comfortable enough in her own talent to know that a whisper can be as attention drawing as a shout.

Appropriately titled, “The Other Side of Me” showcases songs that are rich in melodies and harmonies. Lyrically, the songs reflect grief from life changes as well as hope for the future. These are songs are relatable and comfortable while avoiding the trite, redundancies present in many adult contemporary lyrics. Songs such as “Pieces”, “Lifted and “They Are the Roses” skillfully combine piano, acoustic and electric guitar and Eder’s exquisite voice in a way that allow the listener to gladly come along on a musical story. The most remarkable thing that struck me on these songs is that they were actually produced to have dynamics. Many of Eder’s contemporaries produce song after song that is one long, ear piercing crescendo. Eder does not need long vocal riffs to show off her range, or long, musical climaxes to prove her vocal power. Rather, she allows the song to tell the story. She trusts the listener to know that the subtleties in the music and her voice are the true signs of talent. She knows that she can gently embrace the notes with a soft velvet voice and invoke emotions, rather than rely on long riffs and sheer volume. Her voice becomes an instrument that compliments the others to make a smooth, harmonious sound.

The first time listening to this CD, I have to admit, I did not instantly gravitate to one particular song. All seemed to flow into each other as the styles are similar. I immediately noticed that the natural, clear, beautiful intonation. I also was struck by the fact that this music was not overly processed. After listening to the CD several times, I noticed myself humming some of the songs throughout the day. Try listening to it a few times, I guarantee, you will be hooked also.