Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Soundtrack is as wonderful as the movie

Just like the ladies of STC, the songs of the SATC Soundtrack all bring their own unique flavor to combine into one unbeatable ensemble. This soundtrack embodies what every good movie soundtrack should have: the old, the new and the old with a new twist. It should have diversity along with some cohesiveness. For this soundtrack, the diversity of genres makes it interesting. Some songs on this are good, and some are just brilliant. The soundtrack starts of with Fergie’s “Labels of Love”, a catchy pop dance tune that embodies all things STC. The soundtrack then does not follow the expected route and continue with more pop hits. Rather, it takes a long and winding path through the story, hitting a plethora of genres on the way. There is a soulful, bluesy song “All Dressed Up” by Jennifer Hudson and an amazing duet with Al Green and Josh Stone, “How Can You Mend a Broken Heart”. For the truly nostalgic, there is a hauntingly beautiful cover of “Auld Lang Syne”. Then the journey takes new turns. The classic rock Aerosmith/Run DMC classic, “Walk This Way” is included as well as the classics, “How Deep is Your Love” and “Heart of the Matter”. These last two songs are my favorites on the soundtrack. These are both amazing remakes of the classics. The Birds and the Bees’ rendition of “How Deep is Your Love” is at once familiar and different. India.Arie places her own unique sound on “Heart of the Matter”. Again, the songs has not be changed to the point that the very essence of the song is gone, nor is it the same exact song we are used to which we hum along, just with a different voice. Both are beautiful, skilled remakes that actually offer something very new while still preserving the integrity of the song. Keeping pace with the twists and turns of the movie, the soundtrack journeys into the dance music arena with songs such as The Weepies, “All This Beauty” and Morningwood’s “New York Girls”. Even though many of songs have lyrics that reflect the movie, the true genius in this compilation is in how the songs all reflect the women of STVC: some are slow and sweet, some are fast and clever but in the end, they all enjoyable.