Saturday, October 25, 2008

How Incredible Is This?

I just discovered the most amazing creation...EVER. Jayme Laney has the most amazing pottery. I am so impressed with the incredible craftsmanship he shows. In true Southern tradition, he has wonderful face jugs that make me want to hang a new shelf just to have a place to display them. He also has beautiful vases. His pottery is available in 44, yes, 44 different glazes. While browsing his beautiful creations, I stumbled upon his newest creation, "Apple Bakers". These are the most ingenious, charming little bakers. They are pottery bowls with a spike standing tall in the middle. You peel and core your apple and place it in the bowl. The spike goes up through the cored out middle. This allows the apple to bake evenly throughout. You add some yummy toppings such as butter, cinnamon and brown sugar and place in the oven. Out comes a gooey, sweet little piece of Autumn heaven. Check out Jayme's site at to see more of these great little bakers. They are as pretty as they are useful. I will be order quite a few for this Christmas season, and at only $9.00, they are the bargain of the season.

Pottery Apple BakersPlease visit to see the Pottery Apple Bakers for yourself.


koopermom said...

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Lisa C. said...

These look awesome...

I'm coming over to notify you that you are the winner !!!! YAY!!! of what you ask? well.. $25.00 ITunes card.

Congratulations.. I just emailed you..