Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Countdown Begins

I am starting to anticipate. My thoughts keep returning to it. My giddiness builds until sleep is difficult. I visualize all the colors...

Is it Christmas that has me so excited?

Nah, it is the end of the football season. Don't get me wrong. I actually enjoy football. College football. Ohio State University Buckeyes football. OSU football when they are winning football.

I even did a NFL Fantasy league this year so I had a reason to watch the games with my hubby and actually care who wins.

My dear husband, however, is a football nut. Not a fan. Not even a fanboy. He is a full on, no holds bar football nut. Other than work, his world stops each autumn when fields are marked, helmets are donned and play begins. Each and every game has a special place in his heart. Like precious family memories, he likes to reminiscence about the time that the University of Southern Valley of the Eastern Region of the Lower Quadrant of Smallville had a touch back against I'veneardheardofthisplace U. No game is too big or too small to ignite his passion.

He is a good guy. Most of the time he is a great guy. He works hard. He's patient and kind. I give him this. It is his Nirvana.

But soon...

It is over!!!

This means, the home projects begin.

*Commence frolicking*

Don't get me wrong, I can do it without him. I paint. I sand. I can lay flooring. Sort of anyway. But after the "I can do drywall by myself, how hard can it be" fiasco, I appreciate the help. This year it will be the living room and dinning room.
While he is busy arguing with the tv ref over if the ball broke the field of play in the end zone or not, I am contemplating walls with and without chair rails. While he is knee deep in commentary on if the Browns coach with be fired mid season or end of season, I am pondering window treatments.

This is why I am so psyched to stumble across the awesome giveaway at One Project Closer. They are giving away a Dwealt Track Saw Combo Kit. This bad boy is built strong enough for the toughest jobs, but still is portable. Have to love it. Want a chance to win? Head on over and try your luck.


Fred said...

Hey! Thanks for entering our contest. Hope you'll continue to drop by one project closer in the future!

Good luck!